Books I love

Between my mum and I we have more than 20 vintage/retro/danish/mid-century modern books which we have collected.

Today I am going to recommend my favourite two.

Flea Market Style – Emily Chalmers (first published in 2005 and picked up from One Small Room a few years ago)

Flea market style cover2



IMG_8763This book caters for a variety of styles – in one word it is ‘eclectic’. Even if everything in it isn’t to your taste, it will certainly provide you some inspiration and show you how a home can be made by filling it with unique character pieces.

“High-street buys pale beside second-hand pieces with colourful past lives. What’s more, market pieces survive because they were built for years of service. Old-timers such as copper pots, heirloom linens, mahogany rolltop desks and cast-iron kettles have done their time – and lived to tell the tale. Some finds were created with an artistry increasingly rare and precious in an age of mass production. The tiny errant line on a hand-painted roll of wallpaper or a thumb print on a vase gives these pieces a twist of humanity…” Emily Chalmers.

Scandinavian Modern Home – Elizabeth Wilhide (published in 2010)

Scandinavain Modern Home 2




This book showcases some of the most influential designs and designers of the twentieth century. It outlines the regional variations (Danish, Swedish, Finnish and Norwegian), illustrates designs which changed the way we live our lives and then goes on to explore homes across the world which have interpreted the Scandinavian aesthetic for contemporary living.

“What characterises Scandinavian modern is its approachability; the use of natural materials and organic forms combined with clean lines and attention to basic practicably and comfort,” Elizabeth Wilhide.

Two very different but great books!